Rene Wong

RENE WONG, MD, MEd, PhD (Candidate), FRCPC

RENE WONG, MD, MEd, PhD (Candidate), FRCPC


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Endocrinologist, Toronto General Hospital

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Health professions education
Social sciences research

Research Description:

Dr. Rene Wong’s research uses the social sciences to examine the relationships between health care professionals, in the context of intraprofessional and interprofessional diabetes care. His PhD analyzes the ways in which clinical practice guidelines, knowledge translation and continuing education has the potential to affect the ways in which family physicians and diabetes specialists collaborate, in sometimes unintentional ways. He uses the findings of his research to develop continuing education courses for practicing physicians in ways that incorporates and combines principles of evidence-based medicine, quality improve and person-centeredness.

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