Violetta Nikolova

Violetta Nikolova, RN

Degrees, Title/Position:
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Quality improvement and building resilient organizational culture in healthcare organizations

Research Description:
Violetta is a certified diabetes educator at the Leadership Sinai Center for Diabetes, Mount Sinai Hospital. She has worked in diabetes programs in various community settings with different population groups. Violeta is interested in continuous quality improvement and building resilient organizational culture in healthcare organizations. She completed her Master’s degree in Healthcare Quality at Queen’s University with focus on quality Improvement, risk mitigation and patient safety. During her studies, Violeta studied second victim phenomenon in nursing and completed a human factor report with focus on diabetes education. Violeta is a co-author of “Building Competences in Diabetes Education: The Essentials”. Violeta was a member of Quality Improvement Committee and part of quality improvement project in foot care to improve access to community-based chiropodist services for people with diabetes. She participated in the assessment and planning stages of Value-based Healthcare Pilot Project for people with type 2 diabetes in Ontario.

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