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The BBDC Quality Education and Safety (QUEST) committee is focused on translating the most up to date and relevant research and guidelines into practical and effective solutions for healthcare providers to manage individuals living with diabetes. Through the development of novel programs, tools and content the QUEST committee seeks to enrich the lives of individuals living with diabetes through improved education and guidance for healthcare providers.

At this time, the QUEST committee has established three key projects to achieve this aim: the Diabetes Environmental Scan, the Diabetes Balanced Scorecard and, Diabetes Update. Taken together, these initiatives provide a high level summary of the state of diabetes care programs in Ontario (Diabetes Environmental Scan), an ongoing monitoring of diabetes care (Diabetes Balanced Scorecard) and educate healthcare providers on the latest best practice techniques (Diabetes Update). Over time, these projects and others will reshape the landscape of diabetes care in Ontario and provide a framework for ongoing quality improvement and education for all members of the diabetes healthcare team.

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The BBDC Quality Education and Safety (QUEST) Steering Committee is comprised of leading experts from across the spectrum of the diabetes healthcare community. Chaired by Dr. Phil Segal, Endocrinologist, University Health Network the committee oversees all the QUEST programs and initiates and drives any new activities. With a mandate to improve outcomes for individuals living with diabetes through education and quality improvement, the committee draws on the expertise of its wide variety of primary healthcare providers to shape the BBDC’s educational policy.

  • Leigh Caplan has worked in the area of Diabetes Education for over 20 years. She has been the clinical lead on the expansion of the diabetes program at Sunnybrook and responsible for inter-professional diabetes education. She has an Academic Appointment as Lecturer with the Department of Community and Family Medicine , University of Toronto. Leigh is a faculity member of the Institute of Healthcare Communication: Choices and Change: Motivating Healthy Behaviours workshop. She is a tutor in University of Toronto Medical School’s Community, Population and Public Health (CPPH) course. She is presently an active member of : Toronto Diabetes Care Connect’s New Hires Program Planning Committee, Sunnybrook Academic FHT Education Committee, TC LHIN Self Management Advisory Committee

  • Celia Fredericks is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She was awarded the BBDC Diabetes Educator of the Year award for 2016.

  • Julie completed her medical degree in 2010 at the University of Birmingham, UK, followed by her internal medicine residency at Queen’s University and endocrinology residency at the University of Toronto. In 2016, she received a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Quality from Queen’s University. Julie joined the Department of Endocrinology at St. Michael’s Hospital in 2017 as a clinician in quality and innovation.

    Julie has been involved in a project aimed at creating and implementing a Diabetes Balanced Scorecard and is currently working on an initiative intended to improve the rate of CFRD screening at SMH. Julie is a member of the insulin oversight committee at SMH and the BBDC QUEST committee.

  • Dr. Ilana Halperin is a full time staff physician and assistant professor in the job description of Clinician in Quality and Innovation. Dr. Halperin received her her MD from the University of Western Ontario and completed her training in internal medicine and endocrinology at the University of Toronto and an MSc in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto.

    Dr. Halpern is the medical director of the Sunnybrook Diabetes in Pregnancy program and chair of the Sunnybrook Diabetes Inpatient Committee. She is also the Co-Principal Investigator on a multi-site project to develop a balanced scorecard for diabetes care, she has established quality indicators for ambulatory diabetes.

  • Lori received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto. She is a member of the expert committee and co-author for the 2008, 2013 and 2018 Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines. Lori is a Certified Diabetes Educator and has practiced in community, long-term care, and ambulatory nephrology clinics and continues to practice at a community health centre in Toronto.

    In her current role at the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, she is leading the development of educational initiatives designed to empower and support pharmacists from across Canada in the care of patients with diabetes and those at risk of diabetes. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management, Helping Patients Reach Treatment Goals and the founder of a Canadian Diabetes Pharmacists Network.

    As a co-investigator in the Ontario Pharmacy Research Collaboration, her current research focuses on the evaluation of expanded pharmacy services, specifically MedsCheck Diabetes.

  • Dr. Geetha Mukerji is a full-time staff Endocrinologist at Women’s College Hospital with cross-appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is a Clinician in Quality and Innovation and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety from the Institute of Health Policy and Management Evaluation. She is the Clinical Lead in Quality for Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care and provides expert quality improvement advice to project leads to develop and initiate their quality improvement projects.

  • Dr. Monica Parry joined the Faculty with a solid foundation in teaching; having obtained a Master of Education with a specialization in curriculum design from Queen’s University in 1994. She currently teaches and is the Coordinator of the Master of Nursing (MN) Program (Nurse Practitioner [NP] Field) at Bloomberg Nursing. She is also core faculty in the Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Science (Division of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto). The focus of her teaching is on the learner, and the understanding, mastery, retention, and acquisition of critical thinking skills based on active and cooperative learning, and an inductive approach to teaching. motivations, goals, and expectations to learning, and the techniques to teach adults need to reflect these differences. She led a project to develop 50 virtual interactive cases (VIC) to build clinical reasoning skills in a large on-line learning classroom for graduate NP students and shared results in Hong Kong and Sweden. She has led continual innovation and improvement to her NP programs and under her leadership; the NP programs have expanded to make them our flagship graduate programs at Bloomberg Nursing.

    Description of Diabetes Activities: Dr. Monica Parry is a Co-Investigator in the SPOR Network focused on Diabetes and its Complications (Diabetes Action Canada), CIHR e-Health Innovation Project focused on Technology-Enabled Remote Monitoring and Self-Management, and on the Transformation of Indigenous Primary Healthcare Delivery (FORGE AHEAD). She has also recently become a CIHR Trainer for Patient Oriented Research and has expertise in sex/gender disparities in cardiovascular disease. She has delivered invited keynotes on the Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiovascular Health in Women in China and Norway.

    She recently led a project with Dr. Phillip Segal and Ms. Nadia Green (on behalf of the QUEST Committee and the BBDC) to examine interventions implemented by health care professionals to provide better care to individuals with diabetes in Ontario, Canada. Interventions were categorized into themes using the six main elements of the Chronic Care Model (CCM): 1) Delivery System Design (Interprofessional Team Collaboration, Team Composition and Team Roles [leadership and coaching]), 2) Self-Management Support (personalized support), 3) Decision Support (guideline harmonization and guideline implementation), 4) Clinical Information Systems (e-assessments, e-delivery, e-audit and feedback and e-reminders), 5) Community (partnering and transitioning), and 6) Health Systems (incentives).

  • Phillip Segal completed medical school at the University of Alberta and his training in his Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at the University of Toronto. In 2011 he was recruited as an assistant professor in the division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Toronto. He has completed the Master Teacher and the cQUIPS quality improvement program at the University of Toronto as well as the UHN-Rotman Leadership Development Program.

    Dr Segal is a clinician-teacher and is involved in teaching throughout the educational continuum from the most junior medical student to postgraduate endocrinology fellows.

    Dr Segal is the medical director of the diabetes program at the University Health Network and is the chair of the BBDC-QUEST committee.

  • Lori Sutton is the Outreach Facilitator for Toronto Diabetes Care Connect, a program of South Riverdale Community Health Centre where she has a leading role supporting access to and delivery of high quality diabetes care across the Toronto Central LHIN Region. She has worked in healthcare for more than 20 years, starting out as a kinesiologist prior to becoming a registered dietitian. Lori has worked in a variety of settings including private organizations, tertiary care centres and community health centres. Lori worked as a community-based certified diabetes educator for more than 5 years prior to moving to the position of Outreach Facilitator in 2013.

  • Dana is the manager of the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology at St. Michael’s Hospital.   Working within a tertiary care organization, Dana’s focus is on improving access to specialist services.   Dana’s focus is on the organization of care both for the patients served at St. Michael’s but also across the Toronto Central LHIN.   This perspective and work balances nicely with the QUEST committee to ensure that the care and education received by patients with diabetes is accessible, equitable and patient centered.

  • Dr.Rene Wong is the course director for Diabetes Update, a biannual one-day conference for health care professionals in practice involved in the care and education of people living with diabetes. In addition to providing updates of the most recent scientific evidence, this conference utilizes principles from adult learning, quality improvement, and interprofessional collaboration to help provide the best possible, integrative care. Thus far, this conference has been the largest-diabetes related conference in Ontario and has been praised by its attendees for devoting as much attention to the importance of providing person-centered care as it has to providing biomedical clinical updates.