Diabetes Eye Screening Program

June 13, 2019

Diabetic retinopathy (DR), a complication of diabetes, is highly preventable through annual retinal screenings.  If detected and treated in a timely manner blindness can be prevented in up to 95% of those affected with DR. (National Eye Institute) [https://nei.nih.gov/health/diabetic/retinopathy]

The Diabetes Eye Screening Program, hosted by South Riverdale Community Health Centre, is excited to offer eye screening at no cost to patients, including those that are uninsured, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Diagnosis of diabetes (Type 1, 2 or gestational),
  • Referral from a physician or nurse practitioner,
  • Has not had an eye exam that involves dilation of pupils within the past year.

The Diabetes Eye Screening Program is available in these locations:

  • Anishnawbe Health Toronto
  • Flemingdon Health Centre
  • Parkdale Community Health Centre
  • LAMP Community Health Centre (2 locations)
  • Scarborough Academic Family Health Team (2 locations)
  • South Riverdale Community Health Centre
  • Unison Health and Community Services (4 locations)
  • St. Michael’s Sumac Creek Health Centre
  • WCH Family Practice Health Centre

The diabetes eye screening is done in 3 steps from the patient’s perspective:

  1. Patient’s current vision is measured using an eye chart. Patient must bring their glasses or contacts for the exam.
  2. A numbing eye drop is given in each eye and intraocular pressure is measured. This is painless.
  3. Eye drops are given to dilate the pupils (for the best view of the retina) and a nurse will take photographs of the retina.
  • The images are sent securely to a retina specialist, who reviews the images, provides a diagnosis and recommendations on follow-up, if required. This report will be faxed to the primary provider.
  • Diabetes Eye Screening Program can help to connect patients with Ophthalmologists/Optometrists in their community for further follow up.


If you would like to have an eye screening:

  • Ask your family physician or nurse practitioner to fill out the referral form.
  • Ask your health care provider, like dietitian or nurse, to fill the referral form.
  • Self-refer:
    • Download the form, fill out your information and fax or mail it to Diabetes Eye Screening Program.
    • Call the Diabetes Eye Screening staff at South Riverdale Community Health Centre at 416.461.1925.
    • For self-referrals the program will call you to obtain additional information and then contact your family physician or nurse practitioner for approval.l

Diabetes Eye Program- Brochure
Diabetes Eye Screening – Referral Form


Diabetes Eye Screening Program
Main location: South Riverdale Community Health Centre. 955 Queen Street East
Phone: 416.461.2493 ext. 279
Fax: 416.461.8245
Website: www.eyescreening.ca – email: eye@srchc.com



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