SFBLF Announce Diabetes e-Learning Programs and Self-Assessment Tool

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation (SFBLF) has created an e-Learning program and questionnaire to help youth and families understand diabetes, a global epidemic that continues to grow. The tools provide practical tips on diabetes risk reduction and ways to avoid or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes e-Learning Program

This is a free program developed by SFBLF for youth and family members. The purpose of the course is to raise awareness and understanding of diabetes and related risks, to foster prevention and to help youth living with diabetes to prepare for the transition from paediatric to adult health care. Continuity of care is essential but there are practical ‘dis-connects’ in many healthcare systems and it is very important that families work together to ensure the answers to critical questions are obtained well in advance of transition. The Course consists of three narrated, graphics-supported Modules, each approximately 18 minutes in length and can be viewed at your own pace, together or separately. For the hearing impaired, the narrated text is provided as a ‘sidebar’ for each screen. Learn more at www.bantinglegacy.ca/understanding-diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Youth (8-18)

An evidence-based Type 2 diabetes risk self-assessment tool for youth age 18 and under does not exist. SFBLF, in collaboration with medical colleagues in Australia, Canada and the USA, has developed a basic tool to help youth (age 8 – 18) and their families until such time as a ‘predictive’ tool can be derived. This questionnaire is designed to raise awareness of risks, prompt consideration of early screening, and provide basic information to help protect oneself. The ‘self-scoring’ version has been optimized for mobile device access. Learn more at www.bantinglegacy.ca/diabetes-risk

Mental Health and Diabetes in Youth e-Learning Program

This fee-based course, developed in 2016, is for healthcare professionals and school teachers. It may also interest parents of youth living with any type of diabetes. Learn more at www.bantinglegacy.ca/e-learning

Learn more about the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation in our QUEST partner profile here.

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